European Spec Ford Transit Cargo Van Concept

In step with the giant 2020 The Work Truck Show in Indianapolis, Ford has confirmed plans to build an all-electric U.S. version of its Transit commercial cargo van, the most popular vehicle in its class. The U.S. built Transit EV is expected to arrive during the 2022 model year. An all-electric European version is expected to enter service slightly sooner. The Transit EV is the most recent North American pure EV effort from the Blue Oval, as it joins the already production bound Ford Mustang Mach-E crossover, and an all-electric Ford F-150 pickup. Ford was not prepared to talk about the possibility of an U.S. EV passenger van model at this time. While Ford did say the new Transit EV will come with a full suite of advanced telematics and driver safety aids, they did not reveal details about its battery pack or driving range. Speculation is that the Transit EV’s maximum range will have to be at least 100 miles to be competitive with the longest range Sprinter EV due from Mercedes-Benz, and an upcoming van from Rivian, the startup electric vehicle maker that is being partially funded by Ford.

European Spec Ford Transit Smart Energy Concept Passenger Van