The most popular automotive paint colors are white, black, silver and grey, with those four covering about 80% of new cars sold today worldwide. While Henry Ford famously offered the early Model T only in black as a way to save money, Lincoln has long emphasized blue hues in its product offerings, as key to the calming and soothing experience that company aims to evoke in its vehicles – and its clients are taking notice: About 10 percent of the brand’s sales last year were in the blue spectrum, 3-4% above the industry average.  For 2020, Lincoln is offering five blue options for the exterior paint and two for interior trim. Flight Blue is the signature color on the all-new Lincoln Aviator and is also offered on the all-new Lincoln Corsair. For interiors, Coastal Blue is offered as part of the Yacht Club Lincoln Black Label theme, while Beyond Blue is the signature interior package for Corsair. And there's plenty of science to back this up: Leatrice Eiseman, executive director, Pantone Color Institute says “of all the colors in the spectrum, blues are seen as the coolest, both in temperature and in temperament, inducing feelings of calm and relaxation, projecting a quiet, cool permanence.”