Today, California-based Fisker Inc. is announcing that it will soon produce a new all-electric utility vehicle with a price of under $40,000. It will be the first of three mass-market models planned by Fisker. The as yet unnamed Fisker SUV is expected to go into production during the second half of 2021, and is seen as a direct competitor to the Tesla Model Y crossover utility that was announced late last week. The new Fisker model will be available in two wheel drive, or optional all-wheel drive configurations using two electric drive motors. A lithium ion battery pack, with an predicted 80 KHw rating, is expected to deliver a standard range of nearly 300 miles between charges, potentially greater than the Tesla Model Y. Conceived by a team lead by automotive designer Henry Fisker, the only photo released shows a muscular yet upscale frontend appearance. Riding on 22" wheels, Fisker claims that overall, the styling is elegant yet dynamic and will set new expectations for mass market electric vehicles. There is no traditional front grille since it is not needed on an EV. Instead there is a high mounted radar, expected to be used for active safety systems, mounted behind a front glass panel. Other details include the presence of a heads-up display, and a state-of-the-art user interface. The cabin is claimed to be unusually roomy, and it will provide a unique open air experience at the touch of a button. The new Fisker EV SUV will come to market before the previously announced, and more expensive, Fisker EMotion flagship luxury sedan. That limited production sedan will also feature Fisker's new solid state battery. Both models are expected to be sold directly to consumers without a traditional dealer network.