Have you ever wanted to find out what car is best for you based on your personality type? Kiplinger Magazine recently released “The Best List” naming the best personal-finance products and services for your money. As part of "The Best List" Kiplinger selected the top vehicles for 8 different types of drivers. Take a look!

Mazda3 was selected as the best car for wallet watchers. The Mazda3 has upscale features and looks, plus affordable five-year ownership costs that won’t dent your budget.

Resale value: 3-year: 60%; 5-year: 43%

MPG: 29 (city); 41 (hwy)


Subaru Forester was selected as the best car for drivers who want to go anywhere. With capable (and standard) all-wheel drive, Subaru’s Forester will take you on or off road. It has plenty of cargo space and a suite of optional safety features.

Resale value: 3-year: 66%; 5-year: 50%

MPG: 22 (city); 29 (hwy)


Ford Explorer was selected as the best car for soccer moms (and dads). The Ford Explorer seats up to seven, has 21 cubic feet of space behind the third row and keeps fuel costs low with an optional EcoBoost engine that gets 28 miles per gallon on the highway.

Resale value: 3-year: 55%; 5-year: 39%

MPG: 17 (city); 24 (hwy)

To view the full list, visit: http://www.kiplinger.com/slideshow/cars/T009-S002-cars-for-every-driver/index.html.