Since the end of World War II, off road vehicles that resemble the original Willys Jeep have been made in India. While originally this was done under license, the vehicle has dramatically evolved since then, as has the Jeep brand’s ownership, although the Indian produced vehicle is still recognizable as a military-style Jeep. Now, Fiat Chrysler America is fighting to keep Indian automaker Mahindra from manufacturing it’s Jeep CJ clone in the U.S. Known as the Roxor, it would be a non-street-legal vehicle intended for farm or otherwise private property use. FCA argues that Mahindra has no rights to build a Jeep lookalike model for sale in the U.S. Mahindra has already announced that the U.S. made Roxor would have a starting prices of $15,499, and would lead to a street-legal future vehicle to be made at its new Ann Arbor, Michigan plant.