Competing car companies are coming together to plug in to the future. BMW, Daimler, Ford and Volkswagen have formed a joint venture to build a network of electric charging stations across European highways. The idea is to give drivers places to plug in while on long-distance travel routes. The initial plan calls for 400 fast charging stations, but many more are expected.  The group plans to begin building them in 2017.

Technology is making drivers more connected and safer in the Volvo 90 series vehicles.  The Swedish carmaker says they’re adding Android Auto.  Their smartphone integration already includes Apple CarPlay.  Technological advancements also allow drivers to know what’s happening farther down the road, with alerts about slippery road conditions and when hazard lights have been activated on other vehicles. MotorWeek named the Volvo XC90 as the 2016 Drivers’ Choice Awards “Best of the Year”.

Patience is a virtue, but Mazda says you don’t have to wait.  They have announced the 2017 Mazda MX-5 Miata RF has officially gone on sale in the U.S.  That’s two months early in case you were counting. In early December, about 500 will start showing up in dealer’s lots across the country.  Don’t worry, more will come after that… patience.

Speaking of not waiting, Volkswagen is not waiting for the Geneva International Motor Show in March.  They’re revealing the Arteon now.  It’s a premium four-door fastback.  So what’s the story behind the name?  They say “Art” refers to its design, and “eon” identifies it as a premium model.  The launch is scheduled for the summer of 2017.

If you dread researching your next car, Kia is making the process a little easier. Kia is offering the NiroBot for Facebook Messenger.  It provides information about the 2017 Niro.  You can learn about the new Hybrid Utility Vehicle, see what it looks like, and schedule a test drive.