As Americans gear up for the 4th of July and the fireworks that go along with the celebration, Lotus is starting the week off with a bang.  The British car company has confirmed they will not only build an all-electric hypercar, but we’ll see it soon.  They first confirmed the Type 130 at the Shanghai International Auto Show earlier this year.  We’re still in the “teaser” phase of this new car’s reveal, so there aren’t many specifics to go on… just the photo they released.   

This is a big step for the company.  It marks their first all-new model in more than a decade.  We do know they only plan to make 130 of these ultra EVs.  Naturally there’s a reason for the number.  It stands for the number of Lotus ‘Types’ introduced during the 71-years the British brand has been in business.  We won’t have to wait long to see it.  Lotus says the Type 130 will be revealed to the world in London on July 16, 2019.