We know electric vehicles are coming.  Now BMW is taking their charging technology to a new level and more people.  The company is expanding their global Induction Charging Pilot Program to the U.S…. specifically, California.  Even more specifically 200 residents who can charge inside an enclosed garage. 

Here’s why.  BMW is using what they call a GroundPad for wirelss charging in this pilot program.  The induction base pad is installed in the garage, and the vehicle parks on the pad for wireless charging.  BMW says there are no cables, just a contactless transfer of energy between the GroundPad and CarPad attached underneath the car.  The distance between the two pads is around three inches.   BMW says the system has a charging power of 3.2 kW, enabling the high-voltage batteries on board the car to be fully charged in around three-and-a-half hours.  BMW will pay for installing, maintaining, and removing the Ground Pad Module once the program ends.

The global pilot charging program began in Germany in 2018.  Special 2019 530e PHEV Sedans will be available for a 3-year lease.