Cadillac is making hands-free driving even more useful on the road.  The company has announced an enhanced version of their Super Cruise technology.  One of the big improvements is the addition of automated lane change.  When the driver activates the turn signal while using Super Cruise a series of calculations begins using the camera and radar sensors already continuously scanning around the vehicle.  This enhanced system improves rear-facing sensors and uses advanced software to track vehicles approaching from the rear.  If the coast is clear, the vehicle will make the merge.  If not, Super Cruise messages the driver that a lane change must be done manually.

This latest technological advancement is one of the benefits of General Motors’ all-new digital vehicle platform, which provides more electrical bandwidth and data processing power.  Enhanced Super Cruise with automated lane change will be an option on the 2021 CT4 and CT5 sedans and the 2021 Escalade later this year.