Electrify America, best known for their electric vehicle (EV) chargers, is teaching the public about zero-emission vehicles through their “Now Normal” campaign.

The initiative is sponsoring 30 “Ride and Drive” events across 22 states between September 23rd and October 2nd. These events coincide with the 11th annual National Drive Electric Week, a nationwide effort to educate the general public about electric vehicles.

During the events, participants will be able to experience an EV firsthand, speak with local drivers and discuss the switch over to electric propulsion. The name alludes to the belief that electric vehicles, while still growing, are here “now.”

“Electric transportation isn’t just the future – it is here now,” said Misti Murphey, director of brand strategy and integrated marketing, Electrify America. “Electrify America is proud to again work with National Drive Electric Week to help people get informed and excited about transitioning to electric transportation lifestyle.” 

“Normal Now” was launched in 2019 as a way for Electrify America to spread awareness about EVs and educate those interested in making the switch. More information is available on their official site, and a full list of National Drive Electric Week events can also be found online.