Mercedes Benz is expanding driver assistance.  The company says improvements include automatically adjusting vehicle speed in bends and at road junctions. They’re also including Active Emergency Stop Assist and an improved Active Lane Change Assist.  Drivers will get this assistance with the new S-Class.

GM is blending the past with the future.  The company opened the restored Durant-Dort Factory One in Flint, Michigan.  It’s considered to be the company’s birthplace.  The restored factory contains documents, photos and other reminders of the company’s history.  The facility also includes event space.

Mitsubishi could offer more choices for American buyers.  Automotive News is reporting COO Trevor Mann says Mitsubishi may look into building a sedan or pickup for the U.S. Mitsubishi no longer has a plant in North America.  The article says that’s another option being considered through a Nissan plant