March is known for coming in like a lion.  When it roared last night, Ford felt it.  Reports out of Detroit say gusty wind blew the Blue Oval off the sign high atop the company’s headquarters.  An oval light remains.  Detroit media outlets are reporting the blue cover is on the roof.  No reports of injuries.  Repairs are expected when the lion’s roar becomes less fierce.

Mercedes has something new for premium drivers who like to feel the wind in their hair.  The German automaker is adding a cabriolet to its E-Class line up as a 2018 model.  It’s the fifth member of the E-Class.  The four seater shares features with its siblings, but stands out from the rest with a fabric soft top.  Take a look below:

The Porsche Panamera model line is also increasing.  The Panamera Sport Turismo will make its world premiere at the Geneva International Motor Show next week.  It boasts a unique rear design, more luggage space, and it's the first Panamera to feature three rear seats.  Europeans can start driving the Panamera Sport Turismo in October.  Everyone else gets their chance in November. Why wait?  Check it out now: