The idea of a self-driving electric vehicle picking you up when you hail a ride is coming closer to reality.  The forward-thinking minds at San Francisco based Cruise have unveiled what they call the Cruise Origin.  It’s intentionally meant to not look like your typical car.  This electric autonomous people hauler has no steering wheel, pedals or even windshield wipers.  It does have four seats that face each other like a train compartment, a low and wide entry, and a sliding door similar to what you would experience in an airport shuttle.  They say it’s about the size of an average car.

Cruise is planning a fleet of Origins for a ride sharing service that can be summoned with an app.  The Cruise Origin operates on a brand-new, all-electric platform built by General Motors.  When these boxy autonomous vehicles start rolling off the assembly line, Cruise says they’ll spend most of their time in motion for what the company expects will be more than 1 million miles each.