Another classic Jaguar is returning from the past.  The company is building 25 D-type racing cars.  In 1955, Jaguar planned to build 100 of these racers, but only 75 were completed.  The 25 “new” D-type models will be hand-built at Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works in Warwickshire, UK.  They’re using the same specifications engineers developed in the 1950s.  The Jaguar D-type won the Le Mans 24 Hours race three times between 1955 and 1957.  The first of the modern versions is on display in Paris, France.

McLaren is giving us a glimpse of the new Senna.  The 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 produces nearly 800 horsepower… making it McLaren’ s most powerful internal combustion engine in a road car.  The strategic use of carbon fiber also makes the Senna the lightest road car McLaren has built since the iconic F1.  McLaren is limiting production to 500 units.  The McLaren Senna will make its public debut on March 6, 2018 at the 88th Geneva International Motor Show.