According to Adweek, Liberty Mutual Insurance is testing an unusual olfactory concept to see if the proverbial 'new car smell' can lead one to buy auto insurance. Hoping to entice new car buyers, the print advertisement includes a peal-back strip that exposes a scent that tries to duplicate the cocktail of gases from new fabrics and plastics that are almost universally regarded as that 'new car smell'. Created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the ad recently ran in the Sunday edition of the Chicago Sun Times. The concept is that when people buy a new car, they seldom give much thought to how they plan to insure it. Liberty hopes that when they detect the ‘new car smell’ after hoping inside, they will connect it to the insurer’s advertisement. It is indeed a new way of attracting customers, and only time will tell if customer’s follow the scent and sign up.