The 2014 Cadillac ELR luxury coupe blends dramatic design and industry-leading extended-range technology to deliver a driving experience that is sporty and environmentally friendly. It represents the first application of Extended Range Electric Vehicle technology by a full-line luxury automotive brand.

The ELR delivers on the promise of the Converj Concept on which it is based. The exterior establishes a new, progressive proportion for the brand. The body of the Cadillac remains as we know it with a new sweeping body line and 20 inch wheels pushed into the body. Right above the door handles are lights that pulse green on the side of the mirror, then turn dark when the vehicle is finished charging.

The interior introduces a new design theme that will define future Cadillac models, emphasizing modern elegance, technology and precisely crafted details. ELR also displays charging options, infotainment, and entertainment options. Haptic feedback and proximity sensing have both been added to Cadillac’s first electric car. There is also a Programmable charging schedules and energy efficiency reports available online and through smartphone notification charging alerts

Industry-leading Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV) technology provides a full driving range of 340 miles (545 km), combining pure electric driving and an efficient, range-extending generator.The proven EREV technology is uniquely tuned for Cadillac in the ELR. Most daily commutes will require zero gasoline with zero emissions. Longer trips are free from electric-vehicle range anxiety because EREV technology enables the same long-distance freedom as a conventional car.

The ELR represents a new dimension of Art & Science, the guiding philosophy of Cadillac,” said Mark Adams, Cadillac design director. “Cadillac’s DNA is innovation, with dramatic and provocative design. ELR delivers this in a luxury coupe that stands alone among major luxury brands globally.”