Cadillac has revealed a concept version of the brand's first full electric vehicle, a stylish luxury crossover called LYRIQ.  The LYRIQ is based on GM’s next-generation, modular electric vehicle platform and driven by the Ultium propulsion system, allowing Cadillac to deliver customers a variety of range and performance options, including an expected maximum range of more than 300 miles.  Within the LYRIQ, the Ultium battery system is a structural element of the architecture, allowing a lower center of gravity and near 50/50 weight distribution.  LYRIQ styling is assertive and modern, characterized with a low, fast roofline and wide stance meant to emphasize agility and convey confidence.  Additional details such as a flow-through roof spoiler express the careful attention paid to aerodynamics to optimize efficiency on the highway.  A distinctive “black crystal” grille in the front is one of the LYRIQ’s most unique and expressive design elements. It is also a dynamic feature, as it is part of a dramatic lighting choreography that — along with bold vertical, slim LED signature lighting — greets the owner upon approach. At the rear, a split taillamp design incorporates slim LEDs that are also integrated into the lighting choreography.  Inside, the LYRIQ’s new electric vehicle architecture created an opportunity for Cadillac designers to rethink how to use the space and where to locate various interior elements. The result is a more airy, minimalistic design that does more to involve the driver and passengers in the driving experience while offering exceptional functionality and a full list of technology features, including a dual-plane augmented-reality head-up display. LYRIQ looks to be very close to production-ready, though sources say an on-sale date is still more than two years away.