The winds of change never stop in the automotive world; however, we suspect some things will take longer to disappear than others, including the broadcast radio.

In a recent study done by Edison Research, it was found that 89 percent of Americans said a broadcast radio should be standard equipment in every car. In similar online surveys conducted in Australia and across Europe, the radio remains the dominant form of cabin entertainment across all age groups.

Other findings show that 81 percent of prospective car buyers in the US say they would be less likely to buy or lease a vehicle that did not come equipped with a radio. Other important audio features include USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity and smartphone mirroring (Android Auto and Apple Carplay). 

Alongside availability comes accessibility, as 91 percent of those polled said it’s important for broadcast radio to remain free, as a majority (71 percent) of motorists are concerned about the cost of data used to stream content via a mobile device paired with their vehicle.

While they are unlikely to disappear, radios are still adapting to the times. Polling showed that many car buyers want to be able to search for stations using voice controls. The disappearance of CD decks is also reflected-- only 19 percent considering them a primary listening source.