BMW’s iDrive user interface system was first introduced all the way back in 2001 and, naturally, has undergone various iterations over the last 20+ years. In recent times, iDrive has looked beautiful on BMW’s swanky Curved Displays, but the user experience has continually warranted improvement.

Well, the latest improvements are here, as BMW recently showcased an upgraded version of iDrive, featuring a new home screen, clearer functions and, ultimately, a greater ease of use. This new system will start rolling out to current models throughout 2023 as part of BMW Operating System 8.5.

The new iDrive UI features a graphic interface with an optimized menu structure, made possible by their “zero-layer” principle. This means all the important information and relevant functions are more readily accessible and not buried in submenus. Live widgets will appear on the driver’s side of the UI, making them easy to tap and quick to activate, part of the aptly named QuickSelect functionality.

These features hopefully will make iDrive even more intuitive, making it both a more pleasurable experience and a safer one while on the road. As previously mentioned, this system will be part of BMW Operating System 8.5. It’s expected to make its way into current models running BMW Operating System 8 via remote software updates. Models include the BMW 7 Series, iX, i4, X5, X6, X7 and XM.

The 2024 BMW X1 will boast the first application of BMW Operating System 9, which will no doubt build further upon these improvements.