BMW has released details on their new four-door 2020 8 Series Gran Coupes. Available in rear-wheel drive 840i, all-wheel drive 840i xDrive and M850i xDrive models, BMW says the new Gran Coupes offer the unmatched combination of beautiful design, luxurious appointments, the latest driver assistance systems, connectivity and sports car performance expected from the top of the line of BMW automobiles. Presenting a unique design from the windscreen back, the new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupes are 9.0 inches longer, 1.2 inches wider, 2.2 inches taller than the 8 Series Coupe feature a wheelbase which is 7.9 inches longer.

From the A-pillar back, the 8 Series Gran Coupe design differs from that of the Coupe to both increase interior space and deliver a vehicle with strong presence and authority. The windshield features less rake than in the Coupe to allow the roofline to raise to a higher point above the front seats, providing increased headroom for both front and rear passengers. The roof then merges into the rear trunk lid with fin-like transitional lines to create the visual of a long and flowing body. The rear glass is mounted with increased rake to increase the size of the trunk opening and also acts to from a fixed part of the body’s structure to increase torsional rigidity and reduce noise entering the cabin. The BMW 840i and 840i xDrive Gran Coupe models are powered by the latest iteration of BMW’s TwinPower 3.0 liter inline 6-cylinder Turbo engine. Weighing 13 lbs less than its predecessor, the new engine produces 335 hp between 5,000 – 6,500 rpm and 368 lb-ft of torque between 1,600 – 4,500 rpm. This allows the rear-wheel drive 840i Gran Coupe to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds while the added traction of BMW xDrive allows the 840i xDrive Gran Coupe to reach 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. Both engines transfer power to the driveline through the latest improved version of the 8-speed Steptronic Sport automatic transmission featuring a weight-reducing design, a newly developed controller and a wider gear ratio spread.