Driving behind a tractor trailer appears to be getting safer for drivers in cars.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has issued its new TOUGHGUARD award to five North American semitrailer manufacturers.  The award focuses on rear underride guards.  Those are the bumpers that hang from the back of a semitrailer to prevent a smaller vehicle from sliding under the trailer in a crash.  There are federal safety standards for the guards, but IIHS research shows many of them can break or buckle in a crash.  Here’s the link to see which companies are standing out:  http://www.iihs.org/iihs/news/desktopnews/iihs-recognizes-semitrailers-with-good-underride-guards


There’s a new deal for drivers of some premium cars.  Jaguar Land Rover owners who have InControl Wi-Fi, can get a prepaid AT&T unlimited data plan for $20 per month.  This will allow up to eight devices in the vehicles to stay connected to the internet.

 The slow reveal continues for the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.  The company has released the 11-th video in its teaser campaign.  The “Lock and Load” video highlights TransBrake, which the company says will produce launch forces previously unattainable by street legal production vehicles.  The Demon reveals itself just before the New York International Auto Show in April.  Here’s the link to the latest video: www.ifyouknowyouknow.com