Bentley has saddled up for a limited edition run of Bentaygas: the Belgian Equestrian Collection.

Designed by Bentley’s customization department, Mulliner, each one celebrates the equestrian art of show jumping in Belgium. And when Bentley says limited, they mean it, as this collection is limited to just 10 units. 

A Bentayga Belgian Equestrian model is fittingly packed with horsepower thanks to its twin-turbo V8 engine, producing 542 horsepower. From there, the unit is finished in a unique “Spectre” paint job contrasted by black 22-inch ten-spoke wheels. Carbon fiber accents are provided by way of mirror caps and the sports exhaust tips.

The cabin is even more appointed; Burnt Oak-colored all throughout with Mandarin stitching, diamond patterned seats and tweed door inserts, and a special dash veneer which reads “Belgian Equestrian Collection” on the passenger side. The collection logo can be seen embossed on the seatbacks and the included seat pillows, as well as on various badges across the vehicle.

Each unit is individually customized and created by Mulliner, incorporating sustainable materials (like the aforementioned tweed) and being produced in Scotland. The Equestrian Collection falls in line with Bentley’s mission to utilize ethical and environmentally-friendly processes and materials for their next generation of cars.

The collection will be presented at the Brussels Stephex Masters, one of the most prestigious show jumping competitions in the world, from August 24th-28th.