Bentley plans to unveil a new model joining their luxury portfolio on May 10th.

This will be the fifth model to join the Bentley lineup. In the teaser, designers and engineers from the automaker are said to have “gone to new lengths to combine luxury, technology and performance in a way that only Betley can deliver.” These words were accompanied by a short teaser video, shared via the official Bentley Twitter.

In a small selection of photos, we can see the inner door of the car exposed in a purple hue, seemingly generated from some form of ambient lighting built into the vehicle. A textured, diamond pattern adorns the door inlay; a thin line of purple cascades overtop, leading towards the door handle.

It’s possible this is going to be an electric vehicle or hybrid, considering Bentley’s commitment to go all-electric by 2030. That pledge includes five new models, one per year, starting with their first electric model previously announced to launch in 2025. Perhaps this will be one of those vehicles or a hybrid model leading up to their eventual EV-evolution.

It’s pure speculation until May 10th, but be sure to stay tuned to MotorWeek for more details on the reveal!