Bentley plans to launch a new version of the Bentayga SUV: an all-new extended wheelbase model.

The Bentayga Extended Wheelbase is slated to become the brand’s new flagship luxury SUV, expanding their product range to five models. This latest model will elongate the Bentayga by 7-inches, all of which is located in the rear door.

This growth allows for increased interior dimensions-- particularly for rear occupants. Passengers will also benefit from Bentley’s new “Airline Seat.” The name may not sound too appealing if you’re used to flying economy, but this particular seat features 22-ways of adjustment, and an auto-climate sensing system and postural adjustment technology. This will automatically make micro adjustments to the occupant’s seating position and pressure points, applying up to 177 individual pressure changes across six independent pressure zones over a three-hour period.

One comfort reserved for the driver is the Electronic All Wheel Steering, a first for the Bentayga; it allows for a 7 percent smaller turning circle, now at 11.8 meters (38.7 feet). Standard is also Bentley’s Dynamic Ride system: an active anti-roll system used to improve both handling and comfort.

The Bentley Extended Wheelbase will launch with the 4.0-liter V8, capable of 542 horsepower. Deliveries are expected to begin near the end of this year.