Audi is set to wow the jaded crowds at Monterey’s Pebble Beach Automotive Week with the debut of the PB18 e-tron, a concept for their high-performance sports car of tomorrow. Created at Audi’s new Malibu, California design studio, the radical coupe is shaped by the wind tunnel and inspired by Audi’s own R18 e-tron LMP1 racing car. The Quattro drive concept uses a liquid-cooled solid-state 95 kWh battery pack, powering three electric motors with a normal max output of 670hp, boosted up to 764hp for short bursts. 612 lb.-ft. of torque propels the PB18 from zero to sixty in just over 2 seconds, yet the PB18 still boasts a 310-mile driving range and 15-minute recharging capability at 800 volts. The cockpit features reconfigurable seating positions for 2 passengers side-by-side, or a single driver in the center position.