Apple has showcased the next generation of Apple CarPlay during this year’s iOS 16 preview.

Apple CarPlay will soon be able to integrate more deeply into a vehicle’s onboard hardware, projecting content for center console screens and digital instrument panels. In tandem, users will be able to access vital vehicle information and additional widgets through the user-customizable interface.

For example, items such as speed, fuel level, and temperature will be relayed through CarPlay and displayed for the driver through the application. Vehicle controls for various functions, like radio and climate, can be accessed and manipulated through CarPlay without the need to backout into the vehicle’s supplied operating system. Additional widgets displaying less critical info, like weather and music, will be supported, too. In theory, this will allow for a potentially seamless experience for drivers across their vehicle’s digital real estate.

More information on the next-gen Apple CarPlay will be made available in the future, and vehicles will be announced late next year.