Car are becoming more sophisticated, but not everyone who buys the technology that comes with them is happy with it.  J.D. Power has released their 2019 U.S. Tech Experience Index Study.  They found on average 23% of customers with lane-keeping and centering systems say the alerts are annoying or bothersome.  So much so that 61% of these drivers sometimes turn them off.

Researchers point out some brands do better than others when it comes to safety technology that’s not overbearing.  That’s why 90% of customers of one brand want lane-keeping and centering on their next vehicle, while just  59% of customers of another brand feel the same.

The Hyundai Kona and Toyota C-HR rank highest in a tie in the small segment.  The Kia Forte receives the award in the compact segment. The Kia Stinger topped the compact luxury segment. The Chevrolet Blazer scored the highest in the midsize segment, with Porsche Cayenne being the favorite in the midsize luxury segment, and Ford Expedition in the large segment.

This is the fourth year J.D. Power has conducted this survey.  It focuses on how owners feel about 38 driver-centric vehicle technologies after 90 days of ownership.  More than 20,000 owners and lessees participated in this year’s survey.