Alpha Motor Corporation has announced a partnership with UHI Group in order to produce the former’s production-ready electric vehicles.

The Alpha Motor Corporation is a California-based automotive company specializing in electric vehicle solutions, including the SAGA electric crossover we previously covered. While none of their vehicles are currently in production, Alpha Motor Corporation announced plans in April to mass produce vehicles in conjunction with another company, Hinduja Tech.

It is unclear to what capacity UHI will aid in the production of Alpha’s various vehicles; however, it was said this partnership will build upon the alliance made between Alpha and Hinduja. UHI is based in the Metro Detroit area, capable of providing prototype and low-volume stampings for the automotive, aerospace, and defense industry.

"We are excited to be a part of Alpha Motor Corporation's success,” said John Kocis, UHI. “Their unique styling and cutting-edge technology will surely set them apart from any other vehicle line. Our existing manufacturing equipment and flexible assembly cells will save them many months of build time and a significant amount of upfront capital investment."

UHI is said to be “fully certified to inspect parts and validate projects for Alpha Motor Corporation,” and that the company will be able “to accelerate Alpha Motor Corporation through its development and validation stages.”