After more than two decades and one million units sold since MDX first debuted, Acura is set to unveil an ambitious redesign of their best-selling 3-row luxury SUV. The fourth-generation MDX, debuting in prototype
form Oct. 14, will usher-in new levels of Acura design, performance, technology and craftsmanship, assuming the mantle as the brand’s new flagship model.

“We’re accelerating Acura’s commitment to Precision Crafted Performance and this fourth-generation MDX is the most ambitious and consequential redesign of an Acura core model in our history,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president and Acura brand officer. “This all-new MDX will take us into new territory in terms of performance, prestige and emotional appeal.”

The original MDX was the industry’s first three-row SUV to be based on a unibody platform, offering superior comfort, space and driving performance than existing truck-based SUVs. The model earned critical praise, including 2001 North American Truck of the Year and 2001 Motor Trend SUV of the Year awards. Over the past two decades, cumulative sales havesurpassed 1 million units, securing MDX’s place as the best-selling Acura model, accounting for roughly one-third of the brand’s U.S. sales since its launch.  Acura's teaser image is rendered in neon-like lines meant to illustrate the design character of the new SUV.  As Acura's press release describes it, a "sharply sculpted beltline running the perimeter of the wider, lower and longer MDX" connects "the Jewel Eye LED headlights at the front to the Chicane LED taillights in the rear."  If you care to put your detective skills to the test, a short teaser video was also released, and can be viewed here: