We recently reported on a teaser put forth by Acura regarding their “Precision EV Concept,” promising an August 18th reveal. As promised, the Precision EV made its debut yesterday at Monterey Car Week.

The Acura Precision EV Concept is said to be a preview of the automaker’s future design language and electrification efforts. Acura is gearing up for a 2024 launch of their first all-electric vehicle, an SUV. We’ll have to wait and see how closely it sticks to the Precision EV Concept, but for now we like what we’ve gotten.

Circling back to design language, the Precision EV’s aesthetics were inspired by the “elegance, artistry and harmony of form and function unique to luxury Italian power boats.” That provides the wide stance and sharp profile-- a theme we’ve seen more and more automakers begin to adhere to. The biggest design draw is the theatrical lighting hidden in the distinctly-Acura “Diamond Pentagon” grille; not just serving as an eye catcher, the blued LEDs signal at the platform’s EV powertrain.

Unfortunately, Acura did not provide any specs or performance figures on the Precision EV’s powertrain. To be fair, it is a concept car-- and we’re sure Acura wants to hold their cards close until they’re ready to discuss this brand-first foray in all-electric propulsion.

We did get some insight into the interior; a performance-focused design said to have been inspired by a Formula 1 cockpit-- a low-slung driving position, high-performance driver sightlines and a two-grip yoke for a steering wheel. Two specific cabin modes, “Instinctive Drive” and “Spiritual Lounge,” cater to both driving and relaxation scenarios; Spiritual Lounge retracts the steering wheel, pumps in some pleasant smells and projects an underwater animation. Perhaps more intune with nature are the environmentally sustainable materials, including recycled plastics and aluminum,100-percent biomass leather, and responsibly harvested wood.

The Precision EV Concept may have made its global premiere yesterday, but Acura will also publicly debut the model today, August 19th, at The Quail, a Motorsports Gathering. It will then travel to the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Concept Lawn for a Sunday, August 21st showcase.