If you have bought a new car lately, it probably has advanced safety features like automatic emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and radar cruise control, not to mention a multi-view rear camera. Unfortunately, while these systems do indeed maker cars safer, dealers don't always fully explain their operation before the car leaves their lot. That can lead to driver angst when the car does something unexpected, like slowing down, or flashing an instrumant panel warning light with loud chimes to signal you're too close to another car. To help educate consumers on what their new car is capable of, AARP is orchastraing a series of free safety technology classes that are open to even non-AARP members. The program began last spring and uses volunteers to deliver a 90 minute course about advance safety systems and how to use them. The program is called the AARP Smart Driver TEK Workshop. You can check to see if a program is available in your area by going to: https://www.aarp.org/benefits-discounts/all/smart-driver-tek/  Even if you don't see a program listed, send AARP a note that your are interested so they can contact you when a course is available.