Lucid Motors has revealed the name and renderings of their rumored car: the Air EV

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about it:

1.   Horsepower: up to 1,000

2.   Range: up to 400 miles

3.   0 to 60: 2.5 seconds

4.   Production: late 2018

5.   Price: $65,000 plus

More pictures:

A new deal is bringing technology and location together.  TomTom and Microsoft have agreed to work together on enterprise-grade location-based services for Microsoft’s Azure platform. TomTom CEO Harold Goddijn says, “location is fast becoming a critical component of a broad range of applications and services”.  TomTom provides maps, real-time traffic information and traffic-avoiding navigation.


Self-Driving Ubers are giving people rides in San Francisco.  The company has teamed up with Volvo for the project.  Uber says it will help improve their technology through real-world driving situations.  The company says they believe they do not need a testing permit.  The California DMV disagrees.  The first Self-Driving Ubers were launched in Pittsburgh in September.