Chevrolet has officially pulled back the curtains on their all-electric Blazer.

The 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV’s initial offerings will launch in the summer of 2023, with more trims becoming available later. At first, consumers will be able to purchase the 2LT and RS trims, with the SS following later in the year and the 1LT arriving early 2024. There are also plans for a Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV) Blazer, purpose-built for law enforcement.

All models are to be built upon GM’s Ultium Platform, offering onboard 11.5kW AC charging and high-speed DC fast charging up to 190kW; however, each trim offers something a little different with regards to performance. For example, the 2LT is packed with a front-wheel drive system as standard, with all-wheel drive optional. The RS will launch with standard front-wheel drive, with both rear- and all-wheel also available. The SS performance model will arrive later with just AWD capabilities, whereas 2024’s 1LT will launch with FWD only.

As of right now, there's no confirmation on each trim’s available batteries. What we do know is GM estimates a possible 320 miles of range on the RS, presumably with the most optimal battery and drive setup. The 2LT is capable of 293 miles, the SS 290 miles, and the 1LT 247 miles. It’s safe to assume the 1LT will be configured with a standard range battery option, whereas the other trims will receive extended range variations.

The most performance-oriented member of the Blazer batch is the SS, the first Chevy EV with the Super Sport designation, which boasts an estimated 557 horsepower and up to 648 lb-ft of torque. A unique “Wide Open Watts” (WOW) mode will allow the SS to complete 0-60 mph runs in less than 4 seconds. The SS will be fitted with front Brembo brakes for stopping and Super Cruise technology for the long stretches of going.

So, how about pricing? At launch, the 2LT trim will start at $47,595 before additional fees, with the RS bumping up to $51,995. The SS will soon follow with a price tag of $65,995, and the 1LT will arrive early 2024 with the most affordable cost of admission: $44,995.