Last week John Davis, Host of MotorWeek, along with other jury members of the 2020 North American Car of the Year Awards, had the opportunity to be among the first to drive the all-new, rear mid-engine 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.  While all the specifications and major systems of the car are well known by now, like most things in life, it is how everything work together that is the most telling. After sliding into the very driver oriented and well-appointed cockpit, John’s first impression was how quiet the car is, despite the fact that 495-horsepower is lurking just inches behind your head. Most mid-engine cars are louder to occupants at idle, then they are to bystanders at speed. Not the case here, although going to Sport or Track drive modes does really wake things up a lot, especially in the cockpit and for the exhaust! It’s really music to any auto enthusiast’s ear. Most of the roads that were driven, in and around the Ann Arbor, Michigan starting point, were both newly paved and curvy.  So, while there was only a limited chance to push the car hard, when done so the new Corvette proved very rewarding. It’s a very impressive car and engineering effort, especially for its $60,000 base price. Naturally, we can’t wait to have a full report on a near future edition of MotorWeek, Television’s Original Automotive Magazine.