MotorWeek’s 2017 “Best of the Year” Revealed: 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Thirty-five years of “Best of…” announced at nation’s largest consumer auto show


Chicago, IL - For 35 of its 36 broadcast years bringing weekly automotive news to consumers, MotorWeek has evaluated thousands of distinctive cars, all potentially deserving of their “best of” moniker. But, every year that crowd is whittled down to a handful and then to just one. This year, MotorWeek announces the Chevrolet Bolt EV as the 2017 Drivers’ Choice Awards “Best of the Year.”

Chevrolet Bolt EV is the new key to the automotive plug-in lifestyle, eliminating range anxiety that often plagues eco-conscious vehicles. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the 5-passenger Chevy Bolt EV has an estimated combined driving range of 238 miles. Further, it hits the sweet spot of the light duty vehicle market being available for purchase at under $30,000 after Federal and State tax incentives are applied.

Winner of this year’s “Best Eco-Friendly” car category put the Bolt EV in contention for overall “Best of the Year.”

“The Chevrolet Bolt EV is the new benchmark of how continuous improvements in technology can transform the ultra-efficient zero-tailpipe-emissions electric car from a novelty into a highly practical alternative to traditional gas and diesel powered cars,” says MotorWeek creator and host John Davis. “MotorWeek’s pick for “Best of the Year” in our Drivers’ Choice Awards line-up is here because General Motors made good on its commitment to an eco-conscious lifestyle, giving consumers an impressive option with a down-to-earth price point. Plus, the Chevrolet Bolt EV can be outfitted with most of the gadgets and entertainment add-ons that are desired by today’s tech-obsessed society. Finally, the Bolt EV also proved to be highly enjoyable to drive. That’s what a Drivers’ Choice Award is all about.”

The Bolt EV’s minor carbon footprint, attractive yet aerodynamic exterior, spacious interior with heated seats, available both front and rear, and built-in WiFi, also exceeded MotorWeek’s standards, making it a clear standout amongst the 14 categories this year that span a wide variety of vehicle segments from “Best Small Car” to “Best Dream Machine.”

“Chevrolet has taken the anxiety-inducing aspects out of driving a totally eco-friendly vehicle, making it more than just a socially acceptable car to drive, but a safe, enjoyable family car at the same time,” says Davis.

“The Bolt EV is a game-changer that makes driving an electric vehicle a more practical and attainable choice for a wider range of customers,” said Brian Sweeney, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet. “We’re honored by MotorWeek’s recognition of the Bolt EV as its car of the year.”

All Drivers’ Choice award winners are featured on, and will be appearing on a special episode (#3623) of MotorWeek airing on public television stations beginning February 11, 2017, and on cable’s Velocity beginning February 10, 2017.  MotorWeek and the 2017 Drivers’ Choice Awards are nationally sponsored by TireRack, RockAuto and State Farm.

One of the auto industry’s most coveted honors, The MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Awards were announced at the largest consumer-driven auto show in North America, the 2017 Chicago Auto Show. In selecting the annual Drivers’ Choice Awards, MotorWeek’s editorial staff evaluates more than 150 cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles every year. Winners are chosen based on driving performance, technology, practicality, fuel efficiency, and value.

2017 Drivers’ Choice Winners:

Best Small Car                                  Honda Civic*

Best Family Sedan                               Ford Fusion

Best Convertible                                Mini Cooper Convertible

Best Luxury Sedan                             Mercedes-Benz E300

Best Sport Sedan                                Audi A4

Best Sport Coupe                              Chevrolet Camaro*

Best Performance Car                      BMW M2

Best Small Utility                               Honda CR-V

Best Large Utility                               Mazda CX-9

Best Luxury Utility                            Jaguar F-Pace

Best Minivan         Chrysler Pacifica

Best Pickup Truck                               Nissan Titan*

Best Eco-Friendly                                Chevrolet Bolt EV

Best Dream Machine                        Acura NSX

        McLaren 570GT

                                                              Porsche 911 Turbo S