Volvo has recently announced the delay of their EX30 all-electric compact utility, now scheduled to reach the U.S. in 2025.

The delay is an unfortunate byproduct of Volvo’s relocation of production to their plant in Ghent, Belgium, a switch spurred by a rise in import tariffs on Chinese-made vehicles. Customers and dealerships expecting EX30’s this year don’t have a definitive timeline for deliveries, but Volvo has confirmed arrivals for next year.

The Chinese-assembled EX30, originally slated for a stateside arrival in 2024, was ineligible for federal tax credit; however, with a starting price of $36,200, it was still an enticing offer, especially after we spent some time with the EX30 on the roads around Barcelona, Spain. With the 100% increase in tariffs, that MSRP would have almost certainly increased.

There were no mentions of the EX30’s future MSRP; whether it remains at this attractive price is yet to be seen– though we can certainly hope.