It’s that time of year when many Americans come together, sit down in front of the TV and yell at it. Yep, it’s the Super Bowl, and just about everyone watching has some routine or tradition associated with the annual event. For some, it involves carpooling over to someone’s house with chips, dip, and wings in tow; and for others, traditions that will keep them out of the driver’s seat for the rest of the evening. 

While they don’t all participate, automakers also have their own Super Bowl tradition: Commercials. Volkswagen has been absent from the party for the last 10 years, but Super Bowl LVIII marks their return. VW is taking over the airwaves to broadcast “An American Love Story,” celebrating their 75 years of American business.

This 60 second spot will air during the third quarter, giving viewers a brief summary of VW’s seventy-five year tenure here stateside (third quarter, three quarters of a century… coincidence?). But if you can’t wait till Sunday, you can watch the extended version of the spot right here.

“An American Love Story” takes us back to the arrival of the first Type 1’s in 1949, slingshotting us through history until we reach the arrival of the Volkswagen ID.4, the brand’s all-electric SUV which recently took home a trophy for “Best EV” in our 2024 Drivers’ Choice Awards. Set to the tune of Neil Diamond’s “I Am… I Said,” this two minute teaser is full of references to Volkswagen and pop-culture. Expect cameos from “Herbie,” “The Simpsons” and even “Star Wars.”

The latter is rather apt, as the director of “An American Love Story” is none other than Lance Accord, an Emmy Award-winning director who is credited with VW’s hit 2011 commercial, “The Force.” Surely you recall the spot, a kid attempting to use innate space wizardry to accomplish various tasks, including the starting of the family Passat; but if you don’t recall, a quick search on YouTube will show you the way.

The for-TV version of this weekend’s spot will also be available online following its Super Bowl premiere.