Subaru has teased a new version of the 5th-generation WRX sport sedan, to be officially unveiled at Subiefest Florida on October 7th.

Subiefest Florida is said to be the largest annual gathering of Subaru enthusiasts in the state, with an untold number of “Subies” and their fans flocking to Daytona International Speedway in Daytona Beach. The new WRX TR will debut with the help of Travis Pastrana, Subaru Motorsports USA Driver, and Bucky Lasek, professional rallycross driver and skateboarder.

These rad dudes will be there to show off what will likely be an equally rad ride, which Subaru claims to be “sharper and more enthusiast-focused”. The original “Tuner Ready” WRX was sold as a more stripped-down version of the base model. This saved a little bit of upfront cash for those who intended on modifying their ride right out of the gate; however, the sole teaser image of the 2024 WRX TR points at a potentially different story.

Subaru to Unveil 2024 WRX TR at Subiefest Florida

In this image, we can see the TR comes with unique wheels and Brembo brakes. This time around, it’s possible the TR will come packaged as an enthusiast’s WRX featuring more performance-geared amenities– not the barebones model of yore. Of course, it’s equally possible the new TR, while throwing in some specially-tuned components any enthusiast would want, will still find ways to save on cost, weight and complexity. Perhaps a simpler infotainment system and limited upholstery? We suspect certain eliminations will not be possible due to modern safety regulations, but the thought of “what if ” is tantalizing.

Well, we won’t have to guess for much longer. Stay tuned to MotorWeek for the reveal on October 7th!