A few weeks back, Mazda invited us to New York City for a sneak preview of their upcoming CX-70 SUV, a midsize two-row that is essentially a CX-90 with the third row removed. At the time, pricing was yet to be confirmed; however, Mazda has just published sticker prices for all nine primary configurations, starting at $41,820.

This price point, which includes destination charges, will net consumers an entry-level CX-70 3.3 Turbo Preferred. As the name suggests, this model comes packaged with Mazda’s 3.3-liter inline-6 turbo engine, joined by a 48-volt mild-hybrid system, capable of 280 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque on regular fuel. The base Turbo, like all CX-70s, utilizes an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive.

Mazda Unveils First-Ever CX-70 2

There are plenty of amenities included, like a 12.3-inch infotainment screen and i-Activsense safety features, but those looking for a little more can step up to a Turbo Premium or Turbo Premium Plus, starting at $47,275 and $50,275 respectively. The Premium is the first trim to receive a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel with a windshield head-up display, along with the aforementioned infotainment screen, as well as a Towing mode for the CX-70’s Mi-Drive system, upping max towing to 5,000 lbs. In the Premium Plus, the standard leather is replaced by black or red Nappa leather, also adding in ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel and heated rear seats, among plenty of other features.

The next step up are the Turbo S models. These use the same 3.3-liter turbo inline-6 as before, but they’ve been cranked up to 340 horses and 369 lb-ft with premium fuel. All Turbo S trims get the extra towing mode too, achieving the same 5,000 lbs capacity. The Nappa leather and bigger screen all come over; however, Turbo S models come with additional trim pieces for a blackout theme, including piano black mirrors, roof rails, front grille and more. The Turbo S Premium Plus gets quilted Nappa leather in an exclusive tan color, plus some suede inserts and a two-tone leather steering wheel.

The Turbo S Premium will cost $53,825, followed up by the Turbo S Premium Plus at $57,325. Nestled between these two at $55,775 is the first of two CX-70 PHEV trims, the Premium; followed by the range topping Premium plus, commanding $58,825.

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The PHEV trims, of course, get their name from the plug-in hybrid system found under the CX-70’s sculpted body. Under the hood is a 2.5-liter, naturally-aspirated engine, assisted by an electric motor powered by a 17.8-kWh battery pack. Total system output is 323 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque, and the battery pack enables up to 26 miles of pure-electric range, while towing is rated at 3,500 lbs. You can expect many of the amenities found in the other Premium and Premium Plus trims to carry over.

Pricing here is on par with the 2024 CX-90. While the 90 does technically start at $39,220, it’s a lower “Select” trim, which the 70 does not have. Look at a 2024 CX-90 3.3 Turbo Preferred– the same trim the CX-70 starts with– and you’ll find the same $41,820 sticker price.

We have just about all the details we need on the 2025 Mazda CX-70, now all that’s left to do is drive it. That day, we hope, is just around the corner, and we’ll be sure to bring you along for the ride.