When we took the Kia EV9 out for a First Drive this summer, we concluded that it would be another home run for Kia; however, at that time, we could only assume this upcoming three-row utility would be priced competitively. A few weeks ago we were given the base model’s starting MSRP, and now we have confirmed prices for all five trims– and their official EPA range estimates to boot.

As you may recall, an entry level EV9– that’s the Light trim, equipped with rear-wheel drive and a standard-range 76.1kWh battery– will cost $54,900 before delivery. Now we know Kia is charging $1,495 for destination, bringing the total starting price up to $56,395.

Those looking to step up to an extended-range version of the Light, packing the same 99.8kWh battery configured as standard in each all-wheel drive model, can expect to pay $60,695. Moving up to the AWD variants, the lowest trim is the Wind e-AWD, starting at $65,395. Getting grounded in a Land e-AWD will set you back $71,395; and for the sport-inclined, a GT-Line e-AWD will net a cool $75,395.

It’s no surprise the GT-Line costs the most of the bunch, especially since it also packs the most punch with up to 516 lb-ft of torque (though it shares the same 379 horsepower with all other AWD models). Yet despite the extra beef, the GT-Line’s official EPA estimate is 270 miles– a step up from Kia’s original estimate of 243 miles.

The other two AWD trims can stretch out to 280 miles, according to the EPA. Bookending the entire lineup are RWD variants. The gold medal for farthest distance unsurprisingly goes to the Light RWD with the extended battery, capable of traversing 304 miles before needing to charge up; ranking the lowest is the standard-range RWD model, capable of 230 miles.

Prospective buyers will be able to put their order in starting October 16th. Reservations require a refundable $750 deposit. Models are expected to arrive on dealer lots later this year.