Honda has announced that seven of their dealerships, including three Acura dealerships, have been certified in the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) first-ever Energy Star certification for U.S. auto dealerships.

In the final rankings, Honda and Acura comprise seven of eight dealers verified in this inaugural Energy Star certification. Locations awarded this honor are recognized as the most energy-efficient dealerships in the country.

Honda has been working towards greener dealerships for more than a decade, and these results are no doubt thanks to corporation-wide efforts, including the Honda and Acura Environmental Leadership Programs, focused on reducing energy consumption at dealer locations every year. According to Honda, their “green dealers,” found across the country, have collectively cut CO2 emissions by at least 275,000 metric-tons, simultaneously saving more than $50 million in energy costs since the initiative began in 2011. Fully committed to a less polluted future, Honda has shared its Green Dealer Guide online for dealers of any brand to learn from.

In order to receive the Energy Star certification, dealerships must be able to prove that they are more energy efficient than at least 75% of similar dealerships. The EPA has developed an online Energy Star Portfolio Manager which can determine a dealer’s eligibility. On a scale of 1-100, locations are assessed based on 12 months of utility tools. The score is adjusted based on weather and business activities.

“Honda has been working with our dealer partners for over a decade to support them in reducing energy and water consumption, and we applaud our Honda and Acura dealers for earning the first Energy Star certifications for dealerships,” said Mamadou Diallo, senior vice president of Auto Sales at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “These Honda and Acura green dealers have set the standard for others to follow in establishing environmentally responsible dealership operations.”

According to the EPA, one-third of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are produced by energy consumption for commercial and residential buildings.

“To stem climate change, it’s critical that every sector of the economy demonstrates leadership in reducing emissions,” said Cindy Jacobs, Chief of EPA’s ENERGY STAR Commercial and Industrial Branch. “On average, ENERGY STAR certified buildings, such as these Honda and Acura dealerships, use 35% less energy and contribute 35% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than their peers. We congratulate these dealerships for showing others that emissions reductions are possible through cost-effective energy efficiency.”

Honda’s Green Dealer Program dates back to at least 2011, when Honda and Acura first developed ways for auto, powersports and power equipment dealers to reduce their environmental footprint. Their Green Dealer Guide went online in 2014 as an open-source tool for any dealership, Honda/Acura or not, to take lessons from.

With initiatives like this, Honda is well on their way in their “Triple Action to Zero” initiative. In this approach, carbon neutrality will be achieved through the use of 100% renewable energy, the implementation of 100% sustainable materials to make new products, and a product portfolio consisting of battery-electric and fuel cell vehicles by 2040. The end game is reducing their global environmental impact by 2050.