General Motors is expanding their hands-free Super Cruise network, now covering roughly 750,000 miles of road in North America.

This expansion includes additional minor highways to connect more rural towns, beneficial to those who regularly commute between these cities and those who take to these routes for recreational excursions. Data on these new roads is supplied to applicable vehicles via free over-the-air updates.

GM Super Cruise Expands to 750,000 Miles 1
GM Super Cruise Expands to 750,000 Miles 2
GM Super Cruise Expands to 750,000 Miles 1GM Super Cruise Expands to 750,000 Miles 2

GM Super Cruise is the company’s hands-free Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). Launched in 2017, the system eventually covered approximately 400,000 miles worth of major highways across the United States and Canada, using LiDAR mapping for more accurate information. 

According to GM, over 80% of surveyed owners said Super Cruise makes driving more relaxing and is the second most important reason for choosing a vehicle. We’ve tested GM’s Super Cruise system in a number of vehicles and, much to their credit, it is a robust system. From changing lanes and keeping up with traffic, to taking some of the stress out of boring commutes or exhausting trailering, we’ve found it to be a welcomed addition to their lineup. That said, we look forward to seeing it proliferate into more of GM’s portfolio.