Ford Bronco owners have been invited to an exclusive solar eclipse viewing on April 8 at the Bronco Off-Roadeo site near Austin, Texas. As one can imagine, hotel rooms in the area are virtually sold out, which is why Ford is offering Bronco and Bronco Sport owners this unique experience.

The total eclipse will be visible within a 115-mile-wide band stretching from central Mexico to far-eastern Canada, expected to last approximately four minutes at Bronco Off-Roadeo, among the most extended times in the states. Tethered to this viewing party is the debut of a new Blackout Package for the Bronco Raptor, which we’ll be sure to cover in full when details arise.

Ford Invites Bronco Owners to Solar Eclipse Viewing 1Bronco and Bronco Sport customers can sign up for a limited availability, special viewing opportunity to experience the total solar eclipse on April 8 at Bronco Off-Roadeo, near the center point for the best viewing as the eclipse passes over Texas.

Anyone interested in the event can sign up for either a day-of pass or one of the Roadeo’s camping experience. In either case, it’s a first-come, first-serve basis; and attendees are responsible for their camping gear and sleeping accommodations should they plan on staying. To avoid traffic in the area, according to Ford, the best time to arrive is the day before the eclipse.

Bronco Off-Roadeo is a one-day owner experience included with all Bronco, Bronco Sport, and Bronco Raptor purchases, giving buyers a chance to better understand their new vehicle’s off-road capabilities by tackling trails and obstacles alongside a team of experienced guides.

A camping experience for four people, two nights and five meals costs $1,995, with 60 spots available. Suppose you’re not into spending all that time away from home. In that case, Ford has a day of adventure that costs $595, covering four people and two meals. A half-day adventure is available to the public, served up as a four-hour off-road experience. Regardless of what you drive and how much time you’ve spent on the trails, the Bronco Off-Roadeo welcomes participants of all skill levels.

Ford Invites Bronco Owners to Solar Eclipse Viewing

“94 percent of people who attend Bronco Off-Roadeo give it a 5-star review, according to our surveys,” said Matt Simpson, general manager of Ford Enthusiast Vehicles. “A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that adds another star to the mix.”

Full refunds of the two-night camping or day-of reservation are available up to two weeks before the eclipse; though, participants should be away that no refunds will be offered after that. In the event that the eclipse party is sold out, a waitlist will be created for camping and day-of customers. This event is open to former Bronco Off-Roadeo attendees or those with a future reservation.

In addition to Austin, Texas, Ford has established Off-Roadeo locations in Las Vegas, Nevada; Moab, Utah; and New Hampshire.