We’re always talking about next-generation premieres and mid-cycle refreshes for vehicles, but today we’re talking about a refresh for an important energy initiative.

The Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program, a key MotorWeek partner, has just announced an update in both name and image, now called “Clean Cities and Communities.” This change in title is accompanied by updated logos and an appropriate explanation for the switch; however, the mission for a greener tomorrow remains all the same.

The new name is said to convey “the diversity of areas coalitions serve;” and, as we’ve experienced in our reporting, those areas include localized programs spread nationwide. The logo’s convergence point is said to represent how coalitions work at the intersection of community, the environment and technology. These coalitions, working with the Department’s Vehicle Technologies Office, synergize to produce a number of green-energy solutions, including cleaner fuels, energy efficient mobility systems, and fuel-saving technologies and practices. The new branding was announced by the Vehicle Technologies Office director, Austin Brown.

Since its founding in 1993, Clean Cities and Communities activities have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by a combined 72 million tons and achieved a total impact in energy use equal to approximately 14 billion gallons of gasoline. MotorWeek has covered Clean CIties and Communities for a number of years now, including a 30th anniversary celebration highlighting the initiative’s relevance and biggest wins. And with continued dedication to finding greener solutions that directly benefit people and communities, we expect plenty more good to come.