Kyle Scanlon

Road Test Producer
Kyle Scanlon

Television and Cars run in Kyle’s bloodline. Growing up in Northern Connecticut, he spent many days running around the offices of ESPN in Bristol, CT, which is where his father worked at the time. Standing only waist high, Kyle would routinely stand outside the studio and watch SportsCenter being filmed. This was his first stepping stone into the world of television production, making it his passion. Throughout middle school and high school, Kyle could be found running all over town with his friends making home movies. They even went as far to write scripts for their little movies and assign roles. Kyle would regularly be the camera operator/director.

Cars have always been a large part of his life, being lucky enough to sit passenger seat at the Richard Petty Racing School that was at Charlotte Motor Speedway when he was only in the 5th grade, and for the first time, experienced what it was like to go 150+ mph. Needless to say he was bitten by the speed demon, and never looked back.

Kyle attended both the University of Vermont, and Burlington College where he studied Television Production. While most other students were using their spring breaks and summers to hang out with friends and travel, Kyle was using his connections to work on Television programs such as the Meecum Auto Auctions, as well as a Mustang racing series called Why We Race.

After college Kyle moved down to Maryland where he got a job with the Discovery Channel. After some time there, he took an offer to move out west to California to work at the infamous West Coast Customs for their television show Inside West Coast Customs. As is the business in Los Angeles, he then moved around to other shows including Offroad Overhaul then landing on Overhaulin‘, led by the renowned Chip Foose. Kyle worked on that show for 4 seasons, making his way up to Project Manager.

After years in Los Angeles, the east coast was calling Kyle back home, where he moved back to Maryland and became the Project Manager on Junkyard Empire and then in early 2019, landed his role here at MotorWeek.