Dave Scrivener

Senior Executive Producer
Dave Scrivener

Dave began his career at MPT in 1987 as a production intern, and was hired as assistant producer of MotorWeek in March of 1988. Dave has remained with MotorWeek in a variety of roles throughout his career, and currently serves as the Senior Executive Producer-special projects and head writer for the program. Dave is directly responsible for production of the show’s weekly car-care segments, numerous clean energy features and special programs, as well as final editorial content approval for each episode. He travels extensively worldwide to attend press functions and produce video shoots on behalf of the show and serves as a high-performance track and off-road driver for MotorWeek‘s road test features.

Dave holds a bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Towson University, and was the recipient of an Emmy award as producer for WGN’s live coverage of the 1998 Chicago Auto Show. Dave serves as a reviewer for the U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office annual merit review and has served as a judge for several DOE Advanced Vehicle Technology student competitions.

Dave served for eight years in the U.S. Army Reserve. He resides in Sparks, Maryland and is the father of twelve children and grandparent of six.

Dave can usually be found in the MotorWeek garage, planning and taping our car-care segments. His automotive tastes are eclectic, and his personal fleet, often referred to as “Dave’s Orphans and Oddballs” includes a classic ’93 Range Rover, a ’77 Jeep Wagoneer, a ’69 GAZ military truck, a ’74 Zagato electric car, a derelict ’64 Renault Dauphine, a ’62 Solex moped, an ’00 Th!nk e-bike, and the famous Maxton Rollerskate built by Pat Goss and the MotorWeek staff in 1991. Dave’s favorite test car was the Ferrari Enzo, but his dream car to own is an original Ford GT40.