Alexander Kellum

Staff Writer
Alexander Kellum

It was only a matter of time until Alexander (Alex) Kellum would end up at MotorWeek. Being born and raised in Maryland and growing up around cars was a healthy start, as was spending time in the garage with his dad and collecting dream cars– well, in Hot Wheels and Matchbox form, at least. It was a high school journalism class which gave him a taste for combining his skill of writing with his love of cars, and his time in Towson University’s Mass Communication program solidified that.

It was during his final semester at TU back in 2016 when he interned with MotorWeek, picking up a job at Maryland Public Television as a fundraising writer the following year. But after four years of raising money for the station, he made the switch over to the show as one of our writers. Since then, he’s been in charge of writing various scripts, providing daily news updates in our This Just In segment, and representing MotorWeek at events. His photojournalism and editing skills are put to work, too, for various First Drive and First Look videos.

As a reporter, Alex has a duty to be fair and unbiased in his work– as we all do; however, that doesn’t mean he can’t have his favorites. If he had to pick just one car– and he’d rather not pick just one– he’d take a Mustang nine times out of ten, no doubt an influence from his father, another avid fan of Ford’s pony car. Alex currently daily drives a 2018 Mustang GT and is currently projecting on another paternal inheritance: a 1970 Mach 1, which his father bought and daily drove when he was young. Like father, like son.

Currently living in Pasadena, MD, Alex would love to expand his driveway to include an SVO Mustang, a motorcycle of sorts, and an imported Mazda RX-7; the latter of which is influenced by the Japanese street racing series Initial D. And if it isn’t cars, Alex is either hiking, building computers or practicing photography.