Lexus sells SUVs in just about every shape and size, but until now has never had a true large three-row family-style crossover in their lineup. Well, the new TX is just that. So, let’s find out if the seventh SUV to enter the Lexus brand is also able to usher in a new era of big-family luxury.

Lexus has been in the SUV game longer than most luxury brands, but the all-new 2024 Lexus TX is their first purpose-built, large three-row crossover utility. Looking equal parts enormous and luxurious outside, it’s a big jump up from the no longer available RX350L, as far as space inside front to back, but especially in the third row when it comes to legroom, but also in flexibility and ease of use compared to their other current three-row offering, the truck-based LX600.

The TX’s 20.2 cubic-feet of space behind that third row is a real bonus too. That space expands to 57.4 cubic-feet when you fold the second-row seatbacks, with a 97.0 cubic-foot max with all seats stored and folded. And of course, there are charging ports just about everywhere you look inside, ensuring families are as connected as they are comfortable. And it is a very comfortable family hauler with seating arrangements for either six or seven passengers.

2024 Lexus TX 3/4 Front
2024 Lexus TX Dead Front
2024 Lexus TX Profile
2024 Lexus TX Taillight
2024 Lexus TX Dead Rear
2024 Lexus TX Grille
2024 Lexus TX Wheel
2024 Lexus TX Gas Engine
2024 Lexus TX 3/4 Front2024 Lexus TX Dead Front2024 Lexus TX Profile2024 Lexus TX Taillight2024 Lexus TX Dead Rear2024 Lexus TX Grille2024 Lexus TX Wheel2024 Lexus TX Gas Engine

It’s easy to make things bigger inside, much more difficult if you’re Lexus to make them vastly better. And while the TX interior is very nice, it’s not as big of an upgrade from platform mate Toyota Grand Highlander as we expected. Though considering our Premium trim tester is just one step up from base, there’s lots of standard content, but also a lot going on when it comes to controls and touch-sensitive surfaces. It did take some getting used to, with many dash controls looking very similar, and the steering wheel controls being somewhat temperamental.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to the powertrain. Standard is this 2.4-liter I4 turbo in the TX350 rated at 275 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque. It works with an eight-speed automatic transmission and comes in front- or all-wheel drive. An available 500h adds hybrid assistance to that 2.4-liter, and at the top of the lineup is Lexus’ first-ever V6-based plug-in hybrid, the 550h+, which packs 301-total horsepower and delivers 33-miles of EV range. Both hybrids are all-wheel drive, and all TXs are rated to tow 5,000-lbs.

There are charging ports just about everywhere you look inside, ensuring families are as connected as they are comfortable.

Our all-wheel drive 350 had a nice little jolt of power for getting a nice little jump off the line at our Mason Dixon test track, and then after a slight pause, power began pouring on in full force, ushering us to 60 in 7.5 seconds. The engine was plenty willing to keep dealing out the power, but the ultra-smooth automatic shifts were a tad sluggish, creating a noticeable drop-off in momentum as we worked our way down the track. Still, a 15.6-second 92 miles-per-hour quarter-mile is quite acceptable for a family hauler.

The TX is almost 17-feet long, but it sure doesn’t feel that big when you’re driving it around, and it scooted thorough our slalom course with the ease of a vehicle half that size. Its predictable nature allowed us to easily manage its luxury-minded steering feel and carry quite a bit of speed through the cones. While the TX shares the same basic suspension design as the Grand Highlander, tuning is unique.

2024 Lexus TX Dashboard
2024 Lexus TX Shifter
2024 Lexus TX Front Seats
2024 Lexus TX Second Row Seats
2024 Lexus TX Third Row Seats
2024 Lexus TX Cargo Area Behind Third Row
2024 Lexus TX Full Cargo
2024 Lexus TX Door Handle
2024 Lexus TX Sunroof
2024 Lexus TX Dashboard2024 Lexus TX Shifter2024 Lexus TX Front Seats2024 Lexus TX Second Row Seats2024 Lexus TX Third Row Seats2024 Lexus TX Cargo Area Behind Third Row2024 Lexus TX Full Cargo2024 Lexus TX Door Handle2024 Lexus TX Sunroof

Government Fuel Economy Ratings are 20-City, 26-Highway and 23-Combined; we averaged a great 25.3 miles-per-gallon of Premium, and it only goes up from there with either of the two available hybrids.

Pricing starts reasonably for a luxury SUV with the TX350 beginning at $55,050 and all-wheel drive a $1,600 option, but things can escalate quickly from there.

While not their first three-row utility, the 2024 Lexus TX is their first dedicated three-row platform aimed squarely at the heart of the American market. Clearly, they’ve hit a bullseye, as it makes us want to pack up the family and hit the road. But this is also the first Lexus to be built in Indiana.

While most of the car business seems to revolve around novelty, wow-factor, and gadgetry these days, Lexus continues to deliver quality, calm, and comfort, all while keeping the luxury experience remarkably attainable.


As Tested

  • Engine: 2.4-liter I4 turbo
  • Horsepower: 275
  • 0-60 mph: 7.5 seconds
  • EPA: 20 City | 26 Highway | 23 Combined
  • Transmission: 8-speed automatic
  • Torque: 317 lb-ft
  • 1/4 Mile: 15.6 seconds at 92 mph
  • MW Fuel Economy: 25.3 mpg (Premium)