There’s no denying that pickup trucks have become vehicles of leisure for many people. But there are still plenty of folks who buy big trucks because they need to do things that only big trucks can do. And the new Super Duty from Ford can do those big-truck things better than ever.

Ford is celebrating 75-years of F-Series pickups, and if you spend any time in their latest Super Duty range of Heavy-Duty trucks, you’ll quickly see they’ve only gotten better with age. Things are rarely all-new in the HD truck world, but the Super Duty has been completely redesigned, officially launching its 4th generation. With updates front-to-back, inside-and-out designed to make your working life easier, and your off days more enjoyable. That means some things actually trickling up from the F-150, like their Pro Power Onboard, with 2.0-kWs of power for tools or toys, and of course more engine power under the hood too.

The standard gas engine is an all-new 6.8-liter V8 with 400 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque, both numbers up 15 from the previous 6.2-liter. The 430-horsepower 7.3-liter V8 upgrade carries over, but gets a new intake that helps it build an additional 10 lb-ft of torque, now rated at 485 lb-ft. Over on the diesel side, the 6.7-liter Power Stroke V8 turbo with 475 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft. of torque remains available.

2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Dead Front
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty 3/4 Front
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Dead Rear
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty 3/4 Rear
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Bed
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty wheel
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Dead Front2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty 3/4 Front2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Dead Rear2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty 3/4 Rear2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Bed2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty wheel

But the big news is a new high-output version that cranks horsepower up to 500 and torque up to 1,200 lb-ft! Its turbos are upgraded to inhale and exhale more air, working with new exhaust manifolds to make sure it flows freely. All setups work with a 10-speed automatic transmission, but four-wheel drive is now standard on all but base XL Super Dutys.

Our F-350 single rear-wheel Crew Cab Limited was indeed packing that high-output 6.7-liter turbo-diesel, so we couldn’t wait to get it to our Mason Dixon test track.

Minimal weight over the rear tires makes translating all that torque to acceleration a tough task, but we were up to it. With a light touch on the pedal we hustled to 60 in 6.9 seconds. Big diesels are always unique on track as there’s so little room for the tach to roam before you’re up against the red line and a shift is triggered in the automatic. We actually went through eight gears in the quarter, hitting ninth right as we crossed the finish line in 15.2 seconds at 96 mph.

Ford continues to think of new ways to make your towing life easier. Remember when power extending tow mirrors were a big deal? Yeah, we’re well past that; with cameras all over the place and Pro Trailer Hitch Assist to make hooking up easier, to a smart hitch that can weigh your trailer, and navigation that not only plots the most efficient route for you but takes the size of your trailer into account to plan around tight turns, overpasses, and bridges.

2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Front Seat
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Climate Control
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Radio
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Back Seat
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Bed 2
2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Front Seat2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Climate Control2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Radio2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Back Seat2024 Ford F-350 Super Duty Bed 2

Other available thoughtful touches abound, including steps seemingly everywhere, a power tailgate, retractable bed cover, recovery hooks, retracting running boards, adjustable pedals, and even massaging seats. But there’s no getting around the fact that this is an enormous vehicle and driving it around can be more of a chore than a joy, especially when you’re not towing or hauling anything. Much like a sled dog, this truck is only truly happy when its working!

Government Fuel Economy Ratings are not required for heavy duty trucks, but we averaged 15 mpg of diesel.

With a wide range of cab, bed, powertrain, and wheelbase configurations, there’s also a wide range of pricing, but things start off with an F-250 XL at $46,965.

Making Heavy Duty pickups more capable is a constant in the truck world, but more than any other brand, Ford has prioritized not just making their Super Duty lineup work harder but making them work smarter, which ultimately means less work and less stress for you!


As Tested

  • Engine: 6.7-liter V8 turbo-diesel
  • Horsepower: 475
  • 0-60 mph: 6.9 seconds
  • MW Fuel Economy: 15 MPG (Diesel)
  • Transmission: 10-speed automatic
  • Torque: 1,050 lb-ft.
  • 1/4 Mile: 15.2 seconds at 96 mph