OWINGS MILLS, MD – Drive into the future during season 37 of MotorWeek, television’s original and longest-running automotive magazine series. Join host John Davis and the MotorWeek team to experience all that’s new for 2018, the year where the concept of the ultra-smart “future car” becomes an affordable reality. MotorWeek premieres on public television stations across the country beginning Saturday, September 9 (check local PBS listings).


MotorWeek’s new season drives deep into this exciting automotive revolution, one that is altering every aspect of the familiar family car. From rapid advances in self-driving car technologies, to the expanding world of on-the-road connectivity, to greater use of electrical motive power, and even a fundamental change in how a car’s comfort and convenience systems themselves are powered, MotorWeek is ready to be your “future car” GPS.  


“When consumers head out to purchase a new car, they are being confronted with dramatic and often confusing changes – things they have never seen on a vehicle before,” says MotorWeek host John Davis. “Semi-autonomous driving capabilities, automatic emergency braking, active cruise control and lane change assist, self-parking modes, in-car Wi-Fi hubs, 48-volt electrics, automatic start-stop, surround view cameras, and the list goes on and on. Not only will consumers find these changes in vehicle amenities surprising, they will also surely change their driving habits forever.”


MotorWeek road tests will also be keeping ahead of current consumer buying trends, as the appeal of the traditional cars increasingly gives way to the popularity of trucks and SUVs. New utilities already on our test schedule, such as the Ford Expedition, Mazda CX-5, and Volkswagen Atlas, will face renewed efforts to stem the tide with ground-up redesigns for sedan stalwarts Toyota Camry and Honda Accord among others. 


Season 37 of MotorWeek will also continue to analyze the rapid growth of electrified vehicles, and not just plug-in hybrids and full EVs, but how electric assist is being employed to boost both the power and efficiency of traditional internal combustion engines.


“In spite of lower gas prices, countries and car companies around the globe are embracing the electrification of the automobile,” explains Davis. “It’s a way to preserve the environment without giving up performance. We’re not talking about the demise of the traditional gasoline and diesel engines but rather taking their efficiency to the next level.”

The American consumer’s appetite for the automobile is insatiable, and in the quest to feed the ongoing frenzy, MotorWeek will continue to road test and review more than 150 new cars, utilities, and trucks throughout the 37th season.  


In addition, during this season MotorWeek will inaugurate two new limited run features focusing on the incredible legacy of the automobile. “Spirit of Competition” will highlight the history of some of the rarest and most significant race cars ever built. But, this is not just a walk around a collection of museum artifacts. MotorWeek will also be behind the wheel of these race winning classics to give viewers a taste of what they were actually like to drive by the checkered flag. 


“Retro Roadtests” will expand from its highly successful and exclusive presence online to the television series itself. “Retro Roadtest” looks back at the most exciting and interesting cars MotorWeek tested in its early years. Hearing what was said about those cars then, and knowing how they are viewed today, is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of everyone who loves cars.


In Season 37, MotorWeek’s feature line-up also includes the return of popular segments such as Goss’ Garage with master technician Pat Goss offering know-it-yourself car care advice.  “Over the Edge” reporter Zach Maskell turns up the fun with a look at the auto world in overdrive, while “FYI” reporter Lauren Morrison has updates on driving style and automotive safety, money-saving advice, as well as the latest technological advances. MotorWeek’s Brian Robinson takes a very hands-on approach for his “Two Wheelin’” reports with reviews of the newest motorcycles. Finally, Yolanda Vazquez keeps viewers in the know with consumer news and trends on “Motor News.” 


MotorWeek airs on 92 percent of PBS stations nationwide. Viewers can find out which public television stations air MotorWeek by going to the station listings page on motorweek.org.


Winner of dozens of prestigious automotive journalism awards, MotorWeek is also seen on Discovery’s Velocity cable channel, and on the V-me Spanish-language network.


In addition, MotorWeek is available for every type of video screen and mobile device with up-to-the-minute automotive news, instantaneous driving impressions, and exclusive videos online at motorweek.org. In addition, more than 500 of the latest MotorWeek roadtests are available through series partner cars.com. 


Program excerpts are available at pbs.org/motorweek, and MotorWeek’s YouTube Channel, youtube.com/motorweek, with two million views per month. Viewers can also follow MotorWeek on Facebook, Twitter as well as download complete shows on iTunes.


MotorWeek is nationally sponsored by TireRack.com, WeatherTech, RockAuto.com, and State Farm. MotorWeek is produced and distributed by Maryland Public Television.